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Thriller Theater


Today is August 9, and not only can we tell you that the movie was completed (on August 1), but it has been received by one film festival and is under consideration. We are working on a local (Chicago) screening, hopefully to happen very soon, stay tuned!


Previously on Thriller Theater...

As of February 2011, we are approximately 65-70% done shooting. The production schedule takes us roughly to the end of March. Editing work has begun. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for pictures and other tidbits!

As of April 2010, the script is "locked" and has been registered anew with the Writers Guild. We have begun casting and location arrangements. Visit the Thriller Theater website for open casting and role information. We have approached some people directly - if you're one who was approached directly, check out the site and please get in touch with us! We're also figuring out crew assignments. We've got one shooting day already hard-scheduled, since we've cast a well-known British actress in one small role and she'll be in the country and available for just a short time. Shooting will begin in earnest around mid-July and continue through the summer and early autumn months. Production company incorporation is proceeding. Many of the major roles have now been cast, but we still have other major and minor parts to fill!

Back in November 2008 we made the acquaintance of a fantastic bunch of people at Acme Design, a local prop/design fabrication studio. Every month they have an "open house" of sorts, and we visited them in December. What an unbelievable resource! And these are like-minded folks, too... one of their number, Dean Millermon, was in post-production on his own first film, Gargalese. Time, of course, flies by, and Gargalese received its silver screen premiere on 4 April 2009 at the Portage Theater in Chicago. For more information on Millermon's film, click here.


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