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Current Projects

Thriller Theater!

Thriller Theater! is now complete! We have submitted it to one film festival (awaiting acceptance, hopefully) and have our sights on a few other festivals coming up, as well as a local screening soon (for which we are trying to raise money). We're excited about this, and hope you are too!


The Easy Kill

A 5 minute short film, written and directed by Steven Warren Hill for Aphelion Productions. Originally scheduled for autumn 2007, currently on indefinite hold (to allow development of the larger-scope projects below). The story utilizes three locations (a bar, an apartment, and a car interior). There are two lead characters, a man and a woman, and one other bit part. The story deals with a murder.



Another possible internet series, conceived by Mike Olson with Steven Warren Hill. Currently in early development. About a secret protective organization based in Chicago since the late 1800s, and a woman who can't be killed yet is not immortal...


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